Anyone know where to add the mime type to an SVG file so it can be used as a favicon?

@liaizon I'm in awe how firefox still manages to be on the bleeding edge of web technology when everybody uses and commits to blink.

@qwazix after microsoft switched to blink I finally just decided I can't be on board googles ship anymore and said bye to Vivaldi (which I was really enjoying) and now am deciding I am all in on Firefox cause its the most politically aligned for my causes. (tho mozilla has been making some bad moves lately, like its dumb moves with Pocket)

@liaizon absolutely agree. Though I actually never left ff mostly because I can't live without the Ctrl+tab shortcut and recently firebug. However less and less stuff keep me hooked.

@qwazix ohh didn't know control tab. thanks. I just discovered userChrome.css today and having fun making it look exactly like I want...

@liaizon ff has an option for ctrl+tab to work between two last visited tabs just like alt+tab works on the desktop (cmd + tab on the mac). Chtome doesn't, and last time I checked not even addons that reliably added this functionality existed. When you have multiple open tabs it's a life saver.

@liaizon and yeah, userChrome.css is awesome, I used to make it look like safari or epiphany. Though after quantum I needed to update that css and I never bothered.

@qwazix how do you configure it to just work between the last two? it cycles through all open tabs for me atm

@liaizon can't live without it. Screenshots are also quite useful (··· in address bar) as well as using a different provider for a single search by clicking the icon in the bottom of the search box (I use google once in a while when ddg doesn't give good results)

@liaizon lol, now I saw the original toot: I suppose you should add it to .htaccess or serve it with php using the header('Content-Type: image/svg+xml'); command.

I don't know if svg supports <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="image/svg+xml; charset=utf-8" />

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