Yandex's search by image is scary good. It is way next level to Google's. I installed a new plugin in Firefox so I can right click any image and search it in a list of providers and damn.

@liaizon I also use Yandex translate in my microblog, the translation is pretty good for most of European languages -> English, Japanese -> English is quite ok.

I already host one of my domain on Yandex (just like Google Apps/G-Suite). Plan to use Yandex Computing Cloud for my next project too.

@cwt I didn’t know they did domain hosting. I am trying to move to only floss tools this year but search by image is something only giant corporations are gonna be good at for a little while

@liaizon after Google and followed by Microsoft stop their free domain hosting services, Yandex is the only option I have.

@cwt github also has free domain linking but that’s microsoft now anyway so hard to trust

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